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About Bare & Beachy

Bare & Beachy is located in beautiful Ventura, CA and formed from a love of waxing and the love of the relationship between waxer and client. I want anyone to feel comfortable in my waxing suite because waxing does not have to be a painful and unpleasant experience, whether its a Brazilian wax or brows! I use a premium hard wax and offer superior aftercare products for optimal comfort and results!


About Elise

I became an Esthetician in 2012 and have been exclusively waxing ever since!

I often get asked what my favorite service to wax is and its definitely a Brazilian wax. I think a Brazilian wax is so much more than it is. A Brazilian wax makes you feel fresh, clean, light, sexy, and opens the door for my clients and I to talk about anything!


If you ask me what my perfect self-care day is, its floating in the ocean waves on a hot summer day, grabbing a bite at a local beach side cafe, showering the salt out of my hair and off my skin, and then taking a mid-day nap on the sunny patch of my bed.


Think of me as your waxing BFF so make an appointment and lets get to know each other!

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